Campus Houses

Pinanko House

Rev. Dr. Osam Pinanko who started the A.M.E. Zion Church in Cape Coast in 1903 has been named after this house. The second imposing house that meet you on arriving at the campus, Pinanko has always been seen as the most dominant house on campus. Accommodating only boys, members of this house are always insisting that they are the BEST house on campus. The reason for this assertion is that the School Prefect is HOUSED in this block. This assertion always discounted by members of the other houses with Watson boys almost always insisting that this assertion is not true and that Watson is the best house on campus. With a motto of ………………. This house faces the main classroom block and has 4 main dormitories with 4 smaller ones.

Segbefia House

 This house has been named after Mrs. Juliana Segbefia, the first housekeeper, for her motherly affection for the girls in Cape Coast town.

Enchil House

The other house in the TWIN BLOCK and the last on this campus is name after Mr. Kofi Bentsi-Enchill, a textiles tycoon and a philanthropist, whose financial support enabled the school to battle with and weather terrific storms in the early formative years of the school. This block houses boys from all works of life who have found a home at AGRREY MEMORIAL SHS and are cohabiting peacefully with others from all over the country. With a motto of ………………and a ….as a Mascot, boys from this house are mostly proud footballers/athletes/……/……… and win awards with ease

Anne Lucille House

The 1st house that greets visitors when visiting the girls’ site is the Annie Lucille House. This house has been named after Mrs. Annie Lucille Alleyne, the wife of the Rt. Rev. Bishop Alleyne, for her interest in girls’ education in Africa and for her substantial contribution towards the construction of the school’s first block which started in 1952. The house like the ones on the boys’ campus has 4 main dormitories and 4 smaller ones. Members of this house are

Watson House

Named after Bishop Watson through whom the A.M.E. Zion Church acquired the school from the “Aggrey Society”. It is the first House that meets you on arrival at the campus. With 4 huge dormitories and 4 smaller one, the housing accommodates only boys, with a motto of House of Excellence, boys strive to uphold an excellent output in all endeavors be that in academics, sports or any social activity.

Casely Hayford House

The first member of the TWIN BLOCK and the 3rd house on campus, Casely Hayford House, has been named after Mr. J. E. Casely Hayford, a renowned educationist, lawyer and a political activist whose toil assisted the establishment of the school. The house accommodates only boys and has 6 huge dormitories and is on the left when facing the TWIN BLOCK. The Motto of the house is ……… with …….. as their Mascot. Member of this house are …………..

New House

The house is yet to be named.

Katherine Aikins House

Katherine Aikins, a student for her memory. Her tragic death occurred in the school in 1970 when she was crossing the Accra-Takoradi road after choir practice, to the girls’ dormitories. After the tragic incident, a foot bridge was constructed to prevent the occurrence of such an event and thus ensure that female students do not have to cross the highway that divides the campuses.